Day Two | The Reading Rush 2020

Thoughts for the day: In the glorious contradiction that is my Reading Rush attitude for this year, I took it slow today. I watched BookTube this morning when I had meant to read, and there was work that I wanted to get going with. In the evening, though, I began to get the feeling that has been coming back to me lately that I really wanted to spend it reading, rather than making myself do it to keep up with my goals. I picked up my book again and went forward thinking, you know what, I am going to read as much as I read and if that doesn’t mean I finish the book today, I can just continue tomorrow! 

I read about a quarter of The Bluest Eye today. I didn’t hit my 100-page target, but I’m really setting aside tomorrow as a day for a lot of reading throughout the day, so I am confident that I will finish it then… just as I said I would today.

From around the 100-150 page mark, the novel began to take a turn into following two different characters, which I wasn’t expecting. With their perspectives being focused more on telling the story of these characters’ pasts in large sections of recollection rather than dialogue in the present, I found it took a lot longer to get through these sections – especially when you consider the events that are described in these pages. Toni Morrison has a style of writing that blends poetic language with an absolute unwillingness to hold back on harrowing detail, which constantly makes you look deeper. I don’t know where the novel will go from here, but I will find out tomorrow.

Pages read today: 54

Total pages read so far: 162

Challenges completed today: 0

Total challenges completed so far: 0

Total books read so far: 0

Do you find with readathons that your reading fluctuates, or do you read lots at the start and less at the end, or vice versa?

Bex ♥

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