Day One | The Reading Rush 2020

Thoughts for the day: Going into this year’s Reading Rush, I think I assumed that I would tackle it in the same way that I have done in years past – by reading as much as I possibly could (especially in the first couple of days), even if I felt as though I’d reached a natural point to stop. I’ve read some books during this readathon in the past that I really didn’t enjoy, but I finished them in the name of wrapping up my challenges. It soon dawned on me today that I want to do this one differently.

I’ve been in one of the biggest reading slumps I’ve ever been in since May, and instead of burning myself out with this readathon and racing through books, I’m taking it a little slower this year. I’m taking time to do other things in my day and hopefully will slowly but steadily find my way back to making reading a habit once again. That said, this is The Reading Rush, and I just can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to make a few goals for myself! If I can read around 100 pages a day, that will really get me back into the swing of things without, hopefully, pushing it too far and putting me into a slump once again.

So… for today’s reading! I decided to begin with The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison because it is one of the books I was most hoping to get to this week. When I finish it, it will also count towards three challenges, which makes it an excellent place to start! I’ve found that I have really fallen into the novel so far, and I flew through the first fifty pages at least without even realising it. I wasn’t expecting the multiple perspectives that Morrison presents us with as there was no indication of them in the blurb, but I’m finding that having Claudia’s perspective running alongside Pecola’s story is really adding to the portrayal of the many complexities surrounding race and family dynamics in the novel so far. I definitely think that I will be finishing this one tomorrow.

Pages read today: 108

Total pages read so far: 108

Challenges completed today: 0

Total challenges completed so far: 0

Total books read so far: 0

I’d love to know how your first day went if you have been taking part in The Reading Rush! Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself?

Bex ♥

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