Day Six + Seven (27 + 28/07/19) | The Reading Rush

General thoughts: In practice – in terms of the cold hard numbers – this hasn’t been my most successful readathon ever. I didn’t read so much as last year, and I may have taken some liberties when it came to fitting my books to the challenges… I did, however, manage to read a decent amount on the final two days of the readathon!

On Saturday, I managed to get more of The Gracekeepers read. I think it was by this point that I began to notice the read really going downhill for me. I was reluctant to keep picking it back up, because certain aspects of it kept on unimpressing me.

Sunday was dedicated to getting this book finished. With just under one hundred pages left at that point, I threw myself into my final reading sprint of the readathon, which definitely gave me the motivation that I needed! I finished the book at about 7pm, and intended to then finish the last sixty pages of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but I think I was so reading-exhausted by then that it just never happened! I’m going to have a full review of The Gracekeepers going up soon, because I have so many thoughts that the book really warrants its own post – two stars from me.

On reflection, I think this week was still wonderful because I truly love immersing myself in the book community for a full seven days. I didn’t join in so much this year, although I think a lot of that is down to the fact that alongside the readathon I was simultaneously trying to research a dissertation and complete an internship – both of which, on their own, involve a lot of reading. I was definitely beginning to feel that reading burnout, and the headache which accompanies that is not the best!


I’m grateful that I managed to read as much as I did, however! I read two books this week – and I have been averaging one book per week over summer – so I literally increased my reading rate by 100%. I also saw so many people smashing it and getting involved, which gives me so much faith in our amazing community!


Pages read today: 80 (Saturday) and 92 (Sunday)

Total pages read: 736

Challenges completed today: An author’s first book (The Gracekeepers is Logan’s first *novel* so I am taking that!)

Total challenges completed: 2

Total books read: 2

I’d love to hear about your experience if you took part in The Reading Rush this year! Did you reach your targets? Did you feel any reading burnout? Let me know!

Bex ♥

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