Day Three + Four (24 + 25/07/19) | The Reading Rush

General thoughts: I’ve combined days three and four together for this diary because if I’d have updated for day three it would have looked, well, like a blank post. Wednesday resulted in a grand total of zero pages read – but, I did have a wonderful day swimming around in the sea!

Day four was definitely more successful, because I managed to finally complete my first book and challenge for the readathon! I finished The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, which I used for the challenge of a book with a non-human main character. I gave it four out of five stars – verging on a 4.5 – but I couldn’t give it the full five just because I felt there were some plot holes that I was left slightly confused by.

What I loved about the book was the world and our protagonist. Faerie feels small – so the action feels contained and therefore even more catastrophic. With being used to fantasy books where everything is to do with fighting THAT ONE DARK OVERLORD WHO WILL DESTROY THE WORLD it was refreshing to read a novel that actually takes place in a very limited space. That being said, I won’t be fussed if later books in the series expand the world!

I also think Jude was an excellent protagonist. So often, main characters are so inherently good that they wouldn’t ever go against the code of good and evil, but Jude treads a *very* fine line, and she isn’t afraid to admit that. She is gloriously interesting to read about.

I also began reading my second book of the week, The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan. Although, I did only read two pages so I’m not sure I can say too much about it yet!

Pages read today: 65

Total pages read so far: 386

Challenges completed today: A book with a non-human MC (I’m saying Cardan or Vivi count – I need to make progress!)

Total challenges completed so far: 1

Total books read so far: 1

Here’s to another successful day of reading!

Happy readathoning,

Bex ♥

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