BookTubeAThon Diary: Day Five (03/08/18)


General thoughts: Given the fact that I’m away for these last three days of the readathon, I didn’t think I’d manage to get much reading done. Today, however, still wasn’t too bad! It made a refreshing change to move on from fantasy for a while and pick up some contemporary YA, and the book I chose was Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett.

The book follows protagonist Zorie, a self-confessed lover of planning and hater of spontaneity, as she ends up involved in a last minute plan to go camping with the “popular” group at school, the guy she still likes, and the guy that broke her heart. This is as far as I have gotten so far, so nothing seems to have gone disastrously wrong yet as the blurb hints it will! I’m enjoying it so far – admittedly I’m seeing a few YA clichés already but it has been so long since I’ve read this genre that it’s actually quite nice to return to something familiar, and Bennett has such a funny tone to her writing that makes it her own. I’m already finding Zorie’s relationships with her parents to be a really interesting point that I’m hoping gets explored in a lot more detail as well.

Tomorrow, my plan is to read as much more of Starry Eyes as I can, and possibly finish it. A personal goal I seem to have set myself in these last few days is to reach 1000 pages read this week at least, and I definitely think that’s achievable within this next day.

Pages read today: 117

Total pages read so far: 867

Challenges completed today: 0

Total challenges completed so far: 2

Total books read so far: 3

My Instagram challenge submission:

Day Five
“Match a book to a background”

Seeing as I don’t have access to my books at the minute I don’t think I will be able to participate in any more of the Instagram challenges, but it was so much fun to take part in this side of the BookTubeAThon for the first time! Have you done any of the photo challenges?

Have a beautiful day,

Bex ♥

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