BookTubeAThon Diary: Day Two (31/07/18)


General thoughts: In a reversal of yesterday’s reading fortunes, today I didn’t fare so well in terms of numbers, but had a much better time in terms of experience. I read less pages than yesterday and didn’t manage to finish the book I began reading, but it is definitely proving to be a much more enjoyable read than Carnivalesque turned out to be.

Today I embarked upon the challenge of reading a book with green on the cover by picking up one of my favourite novels for a re-read: The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. I thought that this would be the perfect follow-up to reading a novel that I really didn’t enjoy, because I knew going into it that it would definitely be a five-star read as I’ve read it several times before.

For me, there is absolutely no-one who writes with the same depth and quality as J. R. R. Tolkien. His grasp of descriptive language is often breathtaking (although I can see why people may be put off by just how much he includes), and even in The Hobbit, which was written for children and so doesn’t have the same complexity as The Lord of the Rings, he manages to create settings that are almost equivalent to actually seeing them in front of you. Also, I’ve been noticing even more this time that Bilbo is possibly the most relatable fantasy protagonist of all-time: he longs for food and his books on pretty much every page. I understand. Tomorrow, I intend to finish the last hundred or so pages of this as I have more free time than I did today, and then will hopefully start on book three: Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett.

Pages read today: 150

Total pages read so far: 432

Challenges completed today: 0

Total challenges completed so far: 1

Total books read so far: 1

My Instagram challenge submission:

Day Two
“A book stack”

Have you read The Hobbit?

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3 thoughts on “BookTubeAThon Diary: Day Two (31/07/18)

  1. I’ve not read The Hobbit for ages, but I love it so much! I wasn’t interested in the LOTR trilogy until I read it, and Tolkein’s writing and characterisation are just brilliant. (Still haven’t seen the films, however…)

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    1. He’s just such an incredible writer isn’t he! I’m always blown away by the fact that one person could create such a rich and complex world. You should definitely watch the LOTR films though, they’re masterpieces!

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      1. ah I know, I find Tolkein’s level of detail incredible – I’m always sceptical about book-to-film adaptations because each person has different interpretations of the characters and setting etc, but watching them is definitely something I want to do in the near future!

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