BookTubeAThon Diary: Day One (30/07/18)


General thoughts: In terms of the numbers, day one of the readathon was definitely a success for me! I read one book, and in the process completed the first of the reading challenges at 11pm so am now perfectly on track for day two.

The book that I chose to read today was Carnivalesque by Neil Jordan, which was published in 2017 and follows the life of protagonist Andy as he becomes trapped in a hall of mirrors at a carnival and subsequently ends up becoming two versions of himself – one of which goes to live back with his parents while he himself stumbles into a world of mystical wonder.

From its synopsis, I was completely drawn in immediately by this book. I just loved the idea of carnivals mixed with strange and obscure happenings that don’t quite make sense. Unfortunately, this book just didn’t live up to a single one of my expectations. I found the characters to be so flat that I genuinely wasn’t that invested in any of them, the language was a strange combination of not quite being coherent and sounding like a thesaurus had been used every other line, and the plot… it made absolutely no sense to me. I am none the wiser as to what the significance or relevance of any of the backstories/villains/events were. All I know is that there is supposed to be some reflection upon parent-child relationships and how they evolve as a child grows up. Other than that, I really am still so confused by every single aspect of this novel and if I wasn’t determined to finish it for BTAT, I would probably have ended up DNFing it pretty early on.

Pages read today: 282

Total pages read so far: 282

Challenges completed today: 1 (Let a coin toss decide your first read)

Total challenges completed so far: 1

Total books read so far: 1

My Instagram challenge submission:

Day One
“The book that first got you into reading”

And that’s it for day one! I have missed this readathon so much; there’s just nothing like the chaos of a reading sprint to remind you why you love reading so much. I’m posting very regular updates on Twitter, so you can find me over there too! Leave your links as a comment if you’re taking part so we can offer some friendly words of encouragement!

Have a beautiful day,

Bex ♥


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