Perfectionism & Creativity


As with so many other things that we put a lot of time and energy into, we want our blogs (or any other creative outlets) to be reflective of our passion for the content and of our dedication to it. The demands of this alone mean that we want to put something into the world that is distinctly ours, and that we can happily say that we have written. These are the standards that I hold my blog to – and I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing – but often it results in gaps such as the past few months where not a lot gets posted because these standards just don’t seem attainable.

Throughout the last six or so weeks, I’ve gone through a period where my writing inspiration has been at the lowest level it has been for a long while. On countless occasions I have sat down in front of my laptop and started typing with no real ideas or inclination to actually do it. I do think that inspiration can’t be forced, but that there are steps you can take to expose yourself to a higher chance of finding it. For me, that’s reading, watching creative videos, and making Pinterest boards (a recent favourite). For some reason, even that wasn’t really working for me this time.

I think one of the main problems I have when it comes to creativity is that I always seem to focus on the end result of it: the upload (in the case of blogging), or the finished product (in the case of painting/scrapbooking/other things I want to get back into again). There’s really very little time where I’m thinking about the process itself, and that’s what I think has contributed massively to this creative block. I know it’s a cliché, but the process really is just as important as the result, and sometimes it takes some stepping back to remember that.

There’s also a lot to be said for doing things in the same way over and over again. I’m used to writing essays all of the time, so sitting down to write a blog post has begun to feel like I’m doing exactly the same thing: there’s the blank word document and the need to fulfil a certain number of words, which sometimes makes it feel as though I’m doing something that has been asked of me, rather than something I’ve chosen.

The word count is something that I’m beginning to see as a massive limitation to my ideas, even though it is completely self-imposed. For some reason, I don’t feel satisfied with what I’m uploading if I don’t write in excess of 1000 words, which in blogging terms, can mean quite a lengthy post. If I don’t have enough ideas to fill that word count, suddenly what I’m saying doesn’t seem as worth saying anymore. Those words also have to flow perfectly, meaning that I have to take a few days to check over them and make sure that I’m happy putting them into the world.

Again, I don’t think this is always a bad thing – taking pride in your own creations is immensely fulfilling and things that you love are always worth taking the time to do well. I just think that sometimes this can lead (as is the case for me) to a point where ideas just don’t seem to flow because they have to reach this standard. The thing with ideas is that they are, well, exactly that. They’re musings and ramblings and thoughts that don’t have to be perfect or make a huge amount of sense, but all things do have to begin from there.

I think what I’m trying to do with this post is tell myself that writing something is better than not writing anything at all. I shouldn’t be afraid to write a short blog post. I should I also write what I want to write and not let the need for it to be perfect to stop me from trying. I will always label myself as someone who loves writing, and I want to start doing that more.

As always, I would truthfully love to hear other opinions on this. Do you feel as though you are stopped from getting started on things because of a need for them to be perfect? Do you think you can ever balance creativity and perfectionism? Where do you find inspiration from?

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the sunshine if it’s where you are,

Bex ♥


4 thoughts on “Perfectionism & Creativity

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone putting a word count on their blog posts – but then again, I don’t know much about other people’s ways of writing. I feel like mine has become very improvised. I have to write my posts whenever I have the spare time, which usually means writing small sections of it on breaks at work and hoping it all comes together smoothly. I do have a level of perfectionism when it comes to how it looks though. The aesthetic has to be right, and so I spend an inordinate amount of time taking photos and positioning them just so. If not, then I won’t want to upload it at all. So I kind of get what you mean! It can be so hard to motivate yourself too when you’re just not feeling what you’re writing. I hope you manage to find that soon!

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    1. I completely understand what you mean abour the aesthetic! It’s so hard to not spend a ridiculous amount of time getting it right when it’s your own work but a line definitely has to be drawn eventually! Thank you 💛

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  2. Completely agree with the whole perfectionist thing – if I don’t think I can do something to the highest standard possible (on a first try, too), I won’t even attempt it. Like you said, it’s bad and unhealthy, but sometimes the deflated feeling is….just not worth the effort if you know it will inevitably come.

    Having said that, I’ve never really felt that way towards my blog for some reason. I’ve always been content just uploading what I’ve got and knowing it’s the best I can do in the moment. Weird!!

    I hope you do get over this hurdle because any content from you is good content!!!

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    1. Ahhh thanks Emily! I’m so bad with not wanting to attempt things if I know I won’t be good at it straight away 😬 I love that you feel like that about your blog because it’s fab, I want to get to that point tooo 💛

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