BookTubeAThon Diary: Day Five (28/07/17)


General thoughts: I genuinely can’t believe we are already five days into the BookTubeAThon – I don’t want it to end! Today has been both successful and my worst day (page count-wise) of the week so far, if that makes sense. I finally managed to finish In Darkness by Nick Lake, which overall I thought was incredibly moving and beautifully written, but didn’t do quite enough for me to award the full five stars. This meant, however, that I completed the challenge of reading a book from the perspective of someone very different from myself, in this case being that the protagonist is from a poverty-stricken Haiti.

As planned, I moved on to The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, although I’m only 24 pages in. So far, I’m finding it a tiny bit cliché (at least two of my least favourite YA tropes have been used already) but I’m looking forward to continuing with it to see what all of the hype is about. I should have more free time tomorrow than today, so I hope to make good progress with this. I intend to be taking part in a lot of Twitter sprints as well to hopefully push that page count up!

Pages read today: 57

Total pages read so far: 825

Challenges completed today: 1 (Read a book from a perspective that’s very different from your own)

Total challenges completed so far: 3/7

Total books read so far: 3/7

As BookTubeAThon nears to a close *sheds tear*, how is your progress looking so far? Are there any books you’ve read this week that you’d recommend? Let’s talk books in the comments!

– Bex


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