BookTubeAThon Diary: Day One (24/07/17)


General thoughts: I must say, I am pretty pleased with the start I have made to the BookTubeAThon so far! For most of the day I have been reading More of Me by Kathryn Evans. The story follows sixteen-year-old Teva, who upon every birthday physically splits into two, and has to manage the consequences of living in a house with all of her former selves while the most recent version of her attempts to live a normal life.

This book is honestly as confusing and bizarre as it sounds, but I managed to somehow finish it in one day and absolutely loved it! It’s got a nice blend of YA drama with the clearly science-fiction element throughout, and this is a combination I have scarcely come across before! There will definitely be a full spoiler-free review of this to come in the next few weeks.

Pages read today: 348

Total pages read so far: 348

Challenges completed today: 2 (Read a book with a person on the cover, read a book in a day)

Total challenges completed so far: 2/7

Total books read so far: 1/7

Let me know how the first day went for you if you’re taking part! Also, look for me on Twitter and Goodreads, as that’s where more constant updates are happening, and let’s talk books!

– Bex



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