My Dream Reading Space

My Dream Reading Space

One of the things that I’m fairly sure a lot of bookish people think about is finding their perfect book nook/reading space, where the outside world cannot interfere and reading can commence in a cosy, uninterrupted bubble – a sort of reading utopia. I have therefore gone on to replicate how this vision in my mind would actually look, taking inspiration mainly from design company Arhaus and Pinterest boards!

First of all I thought I’d set the scene…

As I carefully opened the tall oak door I was greeted with the overwhelming sense of ease and familiarity that accompanies returning to the place that is inherently your own. Regardless of what was happening in the outside world, this room was my sanctuary and the place I knew I could rely upon to greet me every day, with no judgement or complication. Rain was hammering against the Georgian windows as I set my steaming mug of hot chocolate down on the polished end-table that perched next to the white armchair standing majestically in the corner of the room. I had been waiting for this moment all day, where I could climb the bookcase ladder that had formed something of a crossing point between normality and the fantasy worlds that my mind so frequently inhabited. As the smell of the wooden shelves mingled with the scent of new paper, I took out my chosen book, wrapped the rich red blanket around me that often lay draped across the sofa, and settled in to the blissful haze that nothing but a good book can create.

I think that goes some way to give you a picture of the general atmosphere my space would have! Given the fact that my favourite colours are deep reds and purples, or anything autumnal in general, this was the immediate colour palette that came into my head for this room, and I therefore built it around that as an accent colour.

1) Armchair – Having a cosy armchair is, in my opinion, one of the essentials for an ideal reading space. I love to read curled up, so I can’t imagine anything would be more comfortable than doing this from the comfort of an armchair! This armchair from Arhaus has a very high back too, which would make it both extra comfortable, and stylish (I’m not saying it would be like having a throne… but it kind of would be like having a throne).


2) Sofa – For those occasions, however, where I decide I want to either lie down and read or stretch my legs a bit, I’d need a sofa. This one from Arhaus has plenty of room to do that, and would look even more gorgeous and cosy covered in cushions in deep berry colours.


3) Bookshelves – In my opinion, no fantasy read is complete without a well-stocked library of dusty books towering to the ceiling that can only be reached by a climb. This bookshelf is in some ways a modern take on that idyllic idea in my mind – it’s got storage, a ladder, and LIGHTS in the shelves!


4) Blanket (source: Google Images) – Is any reading space complete without one?


5) Lights – I’d probably need quite a few hanging lights and lamps to make my ideal room – no-one wants the inevitable headache of reading without proper light. These lights would definitely make a statement in the room, while also being practical. Again, I used the Arhaus website to find these stunning lights, and there are loads more within their pendant and hanging lights range that you can check out here!


6) Curtains (source: Pinterest) – These curtains are actually very similar to some I already have, but they are just so homely.


7) Wallpaper – I am in love with this wallpaper from Arhaus. It’s subtle, it’s classy, and the pattern name ‘wanderlust’ just does exactly what a book does – takes you to faraway places where you don’t know what you’ll find!


8) Table – If I was going to be getting a lot of reading done, I’d need somewhere to pile up all of the books that would be on my currently-reading list! This table would fit perfectly and also comes from Arhaus, with loads of other choices available to check out here in their table range!


9) Dark wood flooring (source: Google Images) – There’s just something mysterious about dark wooden floors…


10) Window seat (source: Pinterest) – Along with the bookshelf/ladder combination, a window seat is just something that I’ve always wanted. There’s something very Austen about them I think, especially if they’re coupled with Georgian windows. In an ideal world, these windows would look out on to endless stretches of pine forests and mountains, so that I could be in my very own fairytale-esque setting while I read.


And that’s about it for the main elements of my dream reading space. Thank you so much to Arhaus for getting in contact with me and inspiring this post – go ahead and check out their site because I had so much fun scrolling through and picking out pieces that I’d love to have!

Please do comment and let me know what you thought of the room I’ve put together, and tell me what would be essential to your dream reading space!

– Bex


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