Holiday BookTubeAThon 2016: TBR

As I did last year, I’ve decided to participate in the annual Holiday BookTubeAThon once again! Running from December 29th – 31st, this year’s challenges are to:

– Read a book with your favourite colour on the cover

– Read a book in a genre you discovered this year

– Read a book that was a gift

BONUS CHALLENGE – Read three books in total.

For full details, everything else you need to know is in this video by the creator, the wonderful Ariel Bissett. Also make sure to follow the BookTubeAThon twitter account for sprints and giveaways!


I’ve decided (again) to interpret the challenges in a way that fits in with what I would be reading anyway. Therefore I will be continuing with two books that I have already started:

1) Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (a book cover featuring your favourite colour – blue)

Anyone who knows the Throne of Glass series will know that this is not a small feat of a book. Standing at 693 pages, the novel is the fifth instalment in the series that follows assassin/princess Aelin Galathynius as she attempts to take back her kingdom. I absolutely adore this series, and how complex and developed it has become through each novel; its protagonist is strong-willed and everything you want from a female fantasy hero, the world is rich and faultlessly detailed, and the dialogue is either hilarious, exhilarating, or heart breaking. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to finish it in the three days due to other commitments, but I’m definitely going to give it my best shot!

2) The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (a genre you discovered this year – speculative dystopian fiction)

This is a book that I probably wouldn’t have heard of, or ever have picked up had it not been for my English class and being assigned it as an exam text. The narrative follows the character of Offred, a woman in a dystopian setting in which most of the world is infertile. Through her stream of consciousness, the reader learns that she is owned by a Commander, who uses her as a ‘two-legged womb’ for breeding and nothing more, to begin with… So far, I am enjoying the novel, despite Atwood’s writing style not being the most accessible, and the novel’s premise being difficult to get used to. The social commentary and what it says about society today is what draws me in, and makes me question the way in which gender roles and positions in society are viewed. With any luck I should be able to finish this during the BookTubeAThon!

I’ve decided not to pick a third book, because I want to be honest with myself and don’t think it will be a realistic target given the length of one of the books I’ve chosen…

Let me know in the comments if you’re taking part in the Holiday BookTubeAThon, and tell me what you’re planning on reading; I for one am very excited to get started!

– Bex


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