Brief Introductions

Hello, how are you? As this is my first blog post, I think that it’s necessary to give a brief overview as to what I’m doing here in the first place. My name is Bex, and I am an absolutely avid book reader. Fantasy to romance, science-fiction to contemporary… I’m probably going to read it! From this blog you can expect an eclectic written journey through the pages of the books that I’m loving, and (hopefully) insightful opinions on why I thought a book simply did not work. I will be reviewing books, listing my to read lists for every month and generally just chatting about why reading is one of the best hobbies in the world!

The vast majority of the books that I will be reading and rambling on about will be YA novels, and predominantly fiction (although you may see the occasional appearance of some historical non-fiction as history is another passion of mine). If I’m going in to my reading taste in more detail, it’s likely that I’m going to be talking about the genius of JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien a fair amount (what’s a book without magic and a few dragons?!) as well as documenting my journey across the literary mountain that is the classics *cue dramatic music*

Now, without further ado, it’s time to get this blog started… I hope you have a nice day!



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